• Non-toxic water inks

    We use water-based inks in place of toxic solvents.

    Advantages of water inks:

    – non-toxic to the environment and people

    – Odourless

    – ensure excellent durability of the print

    The inks we use are Light Fastness certified (EN ISO 105B02) and areranked 7, that is  excellent, on the light fastness scale which guarantees that the colours of your poster will not lose their intensity for innumerable days.

  • Sustainable paper

    In the last four decades, the consumption of paper on a global scale has increased by 400%. Per the Centurm UNEP & GRID – Warsaw this trend has been growing for years. Paper production contributes greatly to the increase of the Earth’s lung failure. That is why sourcing paper from responsibly managed forests is so important. We source our paper from these forests.

    However, this is only one step in our search to find an alternative source of paper for large format posters.

  • Managing in the spirit of eco-friendly

    The introduction of the print-on-demand system is one of the key issues in managing a printing enterprise. We only print as much as customers actually orderand thanks to digital printing there is no need for proofs, which significantly reduces the generation of production waste. Of course waste even in the form of scraps is inevitable and not unique to the production process.  However, we reduced its volume by almost 90%, thanks to a specialized pre-treatment machine.

  • Ecological digital

    Digital printing technology not only allows you tosave on the consumption of paperand electrical energybut the utilization of detergents and cleaning agentsas well. During the digital printing process, no harmful substances such as ozone, which affects the expansion of the ozone hole, are emitted. Additionally, it is not necessary to dry the print, which further shortens the production cycle time.

Think eco…  Be eco-friendly