paper Blueback

Paperweight: 115 g/m2
  • any
    the most frequently ordered: 504×238, 600×300, 1200×300
Application: billboard posters

Posters printed on blueback paper are intended for display on billboards. The blue surface prevents the glued surface from showing through. Blueback paper is perfect for outdoor exposure because it is resistant to weather conditions such the scorching sun, rain and low temperatures.

paper Whiteback

Paperweight: 150 g/m2
  • 50 x 70 cm – 160 x 200 cm
Application: citylight, advertising, product and image posters, posters

Posters printed on whiteback paper are placed on citylight media, however,  thanks to the technology of non-toxic water inks we use, they can also be used asindoor advertising postersin shops, shopping mallsand even as designer posters in your home!